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Free workshop - BEGINNERS PORTRAIT WORKSHOP ( 2 days )
FEB 20 & 21

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For Beginners in Art who wanted to learn portrait drawing techniques 

This is a TWO day workshop, as an introduction to PENCIL PORTRAITURE 

Many of you Wanted to draw portraits and don't know where to start, if you are one of them, then you are in the right place !

I have been teaching on skillshare and use my for the past one year, and now I'm expanding my teaching via live sessions, which many of you have been asking for.

Here are the thing that you will be learning in this 2 days workshop 

Workshop Timing  - 5 to 6 pm 

1)Introduction to Sketching a free hand portrait 

2)Shading basics 

3)Shading the portrait 


Pencil portraiture course for beginners


Beginner friendly

(Group class max.15people) 

-Duration - 2months( FEB 27 - APRIL  27) 

-Live zoom sessions on every Friday & Saturday  (total 16 sessions) 


-All sessions will be recorded and shared (with 3 month access) 

-duration of each class-2hrs

- fee: ₹5000 /- for complete course

Topics covered-

•Pencil shading techniques and basics of shadows, highlights

 •Small pencil shading art for practise 

•Intro to human eye- sketching and shading

•Intro to human nose- sketching and shading

•Intro to human lips- sketching and shading

•Sketching human face with loomis method / geometric method 

•Shading  Black and white full portrait

•Shading techniques for portrait features (eyes, nose, lips, ears and hair )

•Shading full portrait

•Sketching features from different angles

•Face sketching with different angles

•Doubt clarifications and guidance for drawing portrait for 30 days after the course gets over too

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