Realistic Art with Coloured Pencils - Tips & Tricks for realistic Art

Updated: May 8, 2021

Isn't it lovely to see a Realistic food drawing .

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw anything Realistically ?

If, Yes then this post is for You .

This is a Skillshare class Designed for Beginners to learn How to use mixed media with coloured pencils .

In this class You will know the list of all the basic materials , choosing the reference Image, sketching to finished art.

Its Important to learn Colour pencil artwork from basics, so we go with layering techniques where I will build the inital layer with KARIN brush markers and then build more layers above it with Colour pencils. I prefer giving a finishing touch it with TOUCH COOL MAKRKERS

Here is the break down of classes in the Course

  • Introduction

  • Materials Used

  • Choosing a Reference

  • Choose your colour pallatte from Reference

  • Base Layer

  • Building Layer

  • Depth

  • Adding a Magical Touch

  • Final touch

  • Final Thoughts

Here is the Skillshare class link

To sign up for Skillshare membership and Get 14 days of Free Trial click the below Link

Starting from Materials to the finished Drawing learn how to draw the burger with my SKILLSHARE class

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