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Lettering Practise sheets & Guides

Updated: May 23, 2021

Lettering is always Fun !

Learning hand lettering from scratch helps you to develop the lettering skills in a proper way . Grab your lettering practise sheets here, print them and letter above it or use it on your ipad !

Below are the Three important things to consider when you start Lettering


If you learn how to handle all the above three, then You can also create Beautiful Lettering just like me !

Start Practising by mastering the basic strokes,

  • DOWNSTROKE - Broad even Stroke starting from the top to the Baseline

  • UPSTROKE - Thin even stroke starting from Bottom to the top Line

  • UNDERTURN - Combination of the Down and the upstroke

  • OVERTURN - Opposite of the UNDERTURN

  • ASCENDING LOOP - Starts with a thin upstroke from the middle line followed by a broad DOWNSTROKE

  • DESCENDING LOOP - starts with the thick DOWNSTROKE from the midline, followed by a thin upstroke to the base line

I have also included COMMON MISTAKES SHEETS so that it will be useful for you to avoid the usual mistakes that all the beginners does. The usual mistakes are mostly

  1. Uneven strokes

  2. Forming Sharp edges

  3. Unparallel Slant angle

  4. Uneven Ovals

Grab the Free Practise sheets and have fun practising ! There is also a Skillshare course For Beginners brush lettering which yet to be published

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